Vendors enjoyed an expceptional trade for all classes of stock at Newark on Saturday, with pedigree breeding cattle, store cattle and prime and cull sheep meeting an outstanding demand.

Auctioneer Paul Gentry said demand was strong throughout every section on a day which saw more than 770 cattle sold alongside 4800 sheep and 23 pigs. “This was yet another great day at Newark for all concerned. Pedigree cows and calves from a number of vendors were well bid for while store cattle were in fierce demand too.”

Leading the trade among the pedigree cattle was a South Devon cow and calf outfit, Langham’s Gem 2, from A&C Farms. This 2014-born first calver is by X Mutterton Ashton Bitter and out of Welland Valley Gem 20, a Welland Valley Explorer 9 daughter, and sold with her bull calf at foot. She was knocked down at 3200gns to Gates Farming , Oakham.

Second best from this stable at 3000gns was Langham’s Aster 11, a Mutterton Strongbow 13 daughter out of Ewefields Aster 4, a Welland Valley Hanbury 4 daughter. She sold with a bull calf at foot and was also bought by Gates Farming.

Selling at the same money was another from the same home, Langham’s Gem 3, another by Strongbow and this time out of Welland Valley Gem 16, a Welland Valley Hanbury 11 daughter. Sold with a heifer calf at foot she was the choice of Bures Farm Partners, Norfolk.

Then making 2600gns form A&C Farms was Tregondale Jill 143, a sixth calver by Donhead Balthazar daughter out of Tregondale Jill 94, a Grove Claudius 26 daughter. She found a new home with Gates Farming, with a heifer calf at foot.

Close behind at 2500gns was another from A&C Farms, Trevassack Mayflower 241, another sixth calver. This one is by Erme Duncan out of Trevassack Mayflower 236, a Trevassack Alex daughter. She went home with J and P R Farnsworth, Leicester.

Another at the same money was Brampton Garganey from the Honourable Lord Prior. This was Brampton Garganey 1, a Welland Valley Crusader 11 daughter out of Woodbastwick Garganey 7, an X Woodbastwick Ibis 6 daughter. Selling with a heifer calf at foot she was taken by J and M Critchley, Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Then selling at 2350gns for the same vendor was Brampton Maisie 3, a Welland Valley Crusader 11 daughter out of Aldbourne Chase Maisie 17. This first calver sold with a heifer calf at foot, being bought by Stephen Allardyce, Aberdeenshire.

After that came a 2300gns call for Brampton Baroness 8 from the same home. This is another by Crusader 11 and is out of Brampton Baroness 1, a Z Colcharton Demetrius 14 daughter. She sold with her heifer calf at foot to previous buyers Messrs Critchley.

The same buyers then paid the same money for Brampton Baroness 9, a similarly bred first calver with a heifer calf at foot.

South Devon maiden heifers were led at 2000gns by A&C Farms with Langham’s Crumple 6, an X Mutterton Ashton Bitter daughter out of Tregondale Crumple 52, a Welland Valley Merlin daughter. This one was bought by Gates Farming, Oakham.

Then at 1900gns was Langham’s Stella 1, a Stretchford Herman 7 daughter out of Brafferton Stella 35, a Portman Burtley Trooper 4 daughter. This one was bought by C Mewies, Burton on Trent.

And at 1700gns was Langham’s Caroline, a Sexton General 41 daughter out of Oxey Caroline 581. She headed home with P P and D F Redgate.

Lord Prior’s maiden heifers peaked at 1450gns for Brampton Ninon 2, a Welland Valley Lynwood daughter out of Tregondale Ninon 46. She was the choice of Bassingfield Limousins.


The dispersal of S W Smith’s Oakerfields Simmental herd peaked at 1850gns for Oakerfields Firebird 2, a Lancelot Artie 09 daughter out of Scotland Firebird 3, a Scotland Hooray Henry daughter. She sold with a heifer calf at foot and was taken by R D Spendlove, Derbyshire.

Then making 1800gns was Oakerfields Firebird, a Kingarth Sovereign daughter out of the same dam as the top priced lot. She also sold with a heifer calf at foot and found a new home with L Pashley and Son, Doncaster.

Scottish buyer David Lowrey then claimed the next two best priced lots, with the first of these being Oakerfields Snow Queen, a full sister to the previous lot which sold with a heifer calf at foot and made 1800gns.

Mr Lowrey then paid the same money for Sacombe Bella-Fani, a Rosten Pluto daughter out of Sacombe Toccata-Fani, a Slievenagh Fantastic daughter. She sold with a bull calf at foot.


A strong entry of commercial cows and calves peaked at £1750 for a Charolais cow with an Aberdeen-Angus sired calf at foot from A J Thompson and Son, Kent. The same vendor also sold a brace of Limousin crosses at £1700 apiece, one with a Simmental calf at foot and another with an Aberdeen-Angus calf at foot.

Fellow Kent vendor Dylan Isaac then sold a Limousin cow with a Limousin calf at foot for £1700, with other similar lots at £1650 and £1450. And P D Player, Nottinghamshire, sold Simmental maiden heifers to £1300.


In the sheep pens trade was equally as strong, with an entry of 1210 spring lambs peaking at £119 a head for 47kg Texels from Tessa Bustance and294p/kg for 33kg Beltex from T A and L C Lyon. The entry returned an SQQ of 241.15p/kg with an all-in average of 240.84p/kg.

Meanwhile, another large entry of old season lambs saw 2435 traded to a higher of £129 for 64kg Suffolks from P R Baker, while 39kg Texels from L Chapel sold at 264p/kg.

And 1139 cull ewes and rams levelled at £74.39, with Texels leading the way in both sections. C Lane sold Texel ewes to £128, while W Wright and Sons sold Texel rams to £118.

Averages; A&C Farms 107 head £2001.33, Lord Prior 185 head £1563.99, S W Smith 108 head £1279.83 (Newark Livestock Sales).